I-MORSE is an alternative rock/folk rock duo formed in Berlin, Germany in 2012.

The duo consists of

Fran Santocono – Lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars and piano                                                                                                         Dan Telander – Drums, percussion and backing vocals

Fran designed a guitar sound that renders a bass futile. The digital innovation merges the sound of the electric guitar with bass frequencies. Part of I-MORSE compositions are played on acoustic guitar, piano and percussion to create sound variety in their live shows.

Fran hails from Italy. He’s a self-taught guitar player, singer and composer. He started performing at the age of eighteen and later collaborated with several renowned national musicians and producers. In 2003, Fran moved to London. Since then he has performed all over Europe and in Asia. Fran also recorded a cover of Joanna Newsom’s ’81’ to benefit Oxfam’s Pakistan Flood Relief Fund.

Dan was born and raised in Spain by British and Swedish parents. He studied the drums since childhood. Later he became a performer and a percussion teacher. His career includes touring and performing drums, percussion and backing vocals for many international bands and artists throughout the UK as well as the US. He also acted in movies and commercials.

Sound has the most powerful effect on humans, that’s why I believe music is a divine art that has to be created with an honest soul” – Fran.